Simplitrak WMS

We specialize in developing supply chain applications that improve business operations, and integrate well with existing systems. Our business-focused approach ensures that any software fits well within our clients’ unique business processes offering full-cycle software delivery, bridging the gap with their internal process.

Simplitrak WMS Features

Simplitrak WMS is modular, flexible and scalable for businesses of all sizes. For SMEs looking to eliminate paper based systems and manual spread sheets an entry level WMS will provide mobile barcode scanning and printing over existing wireless networks to a cloud based server with concurrent users. For larger manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce operations Simplitrak can manage single or multiple warehouse and integrate ERP and Carrier software platforms such as SAP and Metapack.


Delivery Planning

Plan to deliver and deliver to plan…

The planning module is designed to provide forward visibility and capacity planning for the receiving process. Delivery schedules can be created based on appointment information, trailer capacity and SKU types that can be received within specified time windows and dates. The appointments are then assigned to time slots, bay doors and appropriate unloading teams. Once the receiving plan has been created it can be applied to one or more weeks of the year. Changes can be made on an ongoing basis with the ability to reanalyse, reschedule production requirements and update all users.

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Automatic Gatehouse with Dynamic Slotting to Bay Doors

During busy periods its critical that deliveries arrive when expected and are unloaded without delay. The slotting module is responsible for all inbound deliveries. Arrivals are booked in using a wireless PDA at the Gatehouse and automatically checked against the appointments for the day. If within the scheduled time frame a ticket is automatically printed and issued to the driver indicating time of arrival and bay door allocated. Receiving is automatically notified to deploy the designated unloading team to the Bay Door.

No paper work required!

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Get your inbound right and the rest just follows…

The Simplitrak™ receiving module features a web-client “Daily Appointments Overview” showing the progress status of each bay door. Deliveries are colour coded to enable management to quickly identify any critical delay issues, redirect labour and re-allocate deliveries.

Wireless Hand Scanners with options for overhead flat screens at each bay door provide step by step guidance for the operator. Unloading options include manual pallet building, powered intake via booms and automatic labelling of cartons.

For manual unloading to pallets, Simplitrak indicates the number of pallets needed for the delivery. As the pallets are created, the details are updated on the screen and a pallet file is sent to Simplitrak. Any shortages identified when unloading is complete can be emailed for different product categories to management and suppliers for immediate action.

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Simplitrak’s menu driven interactive displays direct fork lift operators to complete movements of stock in the warehouse quickly and efficiently.

Transfer operations typically include pallet movements to high bay storage locations, other areas for piece picking, e-fulfilment and sortation systems or cross dock direct to outbound trailers for urgent deliveries.

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RFID Brand Protection

IDC’S Simplitrak RFID technology provides manufacturers with a powerful tool to combat counterfeiting. Bespoke designed RFID portals enable high value items to be identified and tracked automatically as they travel along the conveyor.

RFID Read/write tags are embedded into products at their point of manufacture and integrated with readers, printers and host systems. This facility enables manufacturers to provide full product tracking and trace ability, and to guard against counterfeit products and components entering their supply chain.

It also equips quality assurance (QA) departments with the means to provide customers with processing data for compliance to set procedures and policies.

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Locations Management

A full warehouse can often indicate inefficient Locations Management.


  • Create and manage one or multiple warehouses, local, remote, or virtual
  • Unlimited locations and SKU’s
  • Define Location usage
    • Single product or multi product locations
    • Pick face or reserve stock
    • Dynamic allocation
    • Redundant locations
    • Grouped locations
  • Full auditing of location usage
    • Quarantine locations
  • Stock Check and reconciliation
  • Low stock alerts
    • E Mails
    • Reports
    • Integrated internal / external replenishment requests
    • Secure supplier access for visibility / transactions
  • Stock and location searches
  • Quarantine stock
  • PI checking and scheduling

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Order Management

  • Configurable for different order types
  • Priority based processing
  • Real time picking supported
  • Wave or batch release of orders for picking
  • Slow mover management
  • FIFO rules to support available batch data for received data
  • Ability to enter orders manually or use automatic upload


Pick/Put Management

  • Stock Taking
  • Real time reporting
  • Reverse Inventory reporting
  • Pick by section or zone
  • Duplicated Parts Distribution
  • Replenishment
  • Reserve and Virtual allocation for multiple warehouse
  • Optimised routing
  • Ability to pick multiple orders in one pick run
  • Light & Voice Directed Picking


Additional options for Simplitrak™

  • Barcode label creation
  • GS1 Label Standards Compliance
  • Quality reporting and OEE
  • Dispatch and Trailer Load Management
  • Resource Management
  • Energy Management
  • Asset Management
  • Proof of delivery through In4ormâ„¢ integration

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