eFulfilment Integration

When developing a system to handle online orders, it’s important that intuitive understanding is used otherwise it leads to extensive inefficiency and the capacity to make glaring errors, all of which are going to cut into your bottom line. IDC has worked with many companies to improve their eFulfilment systems, and we’d be delighted to share the lessons we’ve learned with you.

The way we operate is simple. First, we consult with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve from your eFulfilment system. This is applicable whether you’re building a facility from the ground up or you already have one and you’re looking to make improvements. With that, we’ll take your list of goals and put them up against the range of specifically developed technologies we have available to see what matches best.

That’s not it however, because even the best system in the world can’t help you improve efficiency if it’s not deployed properly. We’ll help you with the installation of the technology and give you all the support necessary to make its operation second nature. Combine the improvements in efficiency with our affordable service and you’ve got a truly winning combination.

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eFulfilment Features

Simplitrak eFulfilment Software


  • Goods In Inventory
  • Receiving and QA checks
  • Palletise & Put-away
  • High Bay Management
  • De-palletise
  • Pick, Pack & Repack
  • Shipping
  • Returns

Equipment Integration


  • In-Line Weighing
  • Barcode Reading 1 to 6 sided scanning
  • DWS ( Data, Weight, Scan)
  • Logopak® Print & Apply Labelling
  • Logopak® Document Insertion
  • Adpack Wrapping Machine
  • B+ Box Creation Machine
  • B+ Lidding Machine



  • Single Orders, Batch & Wave Data
  • ERP, SAP, Manhattan, JDR
  • SimpliTrak™ WCS
  • Carrier Management