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Intelligent Distributed Controls is a technology-focused company. As the name implies, we design and develop control systems based on distributed networks using a Client-Server architecture with peer to peer communications and Fieldbus remote I/O modules. This approach is ideally suited for distribution centres and manufacturing facilities where operational areas cover large distances and are complex and interconnected. Our chosen hardware and software platforms are based on leading international suppliers which enable us to leverage their huge investment in product development and ensuring futureproof support.

SimpliTrakâ„¢ (WCS) Warehouse Control System

SimpliTrak™ (WCS) Warehouse Control System

SimpliTrak™ WCS middleware has been developed over many years and is specifically designed for intralogistics and ecommerce applications. SimpliTrak™ WCS provides a layer of data storage, control and data flow between high level business systems and factory floor materials handling and automation equipment.


  • .Net Development Framework
  • SQL Server with mirrored database and hot standby
  • Web Client Applications for Alarms, Reports and Statistics
  • Integrates with Fixed and Mobile Barcode Readers
  • High Speed Communications to Siemens PLCs and HMIs
  • Proven Interfaces to major WMS providers and Carriers


Electrical Distribution and PLC Control Systems

The use of embedded intelligence and communications in modern drives and sensors has increased flexibility, control and data acquisition at device-level. IDC now design fully distributed systems as standard for all installations. Furthermore, we have adopted Siemens’ technology for PLC controls and HMIs which are now extensively used by the leading MHE suppliers and considered the de facto standard for the industry.


  • Distributed Architecture
  • Siemens PLCs & HMIs
  • Profinet & ASi Fieldbus Communications
  • Reduced Installation Cost and Time over centralised systems
  • Minimise Electrical Control Cabinet Size
  • Easier to modify and extend systems
  • Standard Proven Software Modules
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